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Youth Hub Center

The main idea behind the initiative to establish this program was so as to provide safe and better environment accessible to the youth around the community. The youth being flag bearers of today’s  success and tomorrow’s legacy, needed space to actively get connected with their peers and once in awhile with experts from different fields that may provide technical  assistance to get things in motion.

Youth Hub Center mainly focuses on building onto the already existing dreams and visions that the youth have.

Youth Hub Center Themes:


Learning and acquiring vast knowledge is a vital part in accomplishing what one wants to do. And better yet a step ahead into making a dream a reality. The trainings are categories as follows;

Life skills training:

In PEN Tanzania the term ‘Life Skills’ refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life. Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential. We have classified life skills in the following categories from which we reach out to our customers in a tailor-made system depending on our beneficiary’s needs;

Personal Development:

Also termed as Personal skills are the essential life skills we need to help maintain a healthy body and mind. For instance, how we recognize, manage and cope with different emotions.

This category involves anger management, stress management, low self-esteem and confidence. And further breaks down to training and assisting the youths through;

  • Understanding the art of Networking
  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Speech preparation
  • Self awareness
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • Leading successful
  • Mentoring and coaching

Employability skills:

By learning new skills we increase our understanding of the world around us and equip ourselves with the tools we need to live a more productive and fulfilling life, finding ways to cope with the challenges that we encounter. Employability skills are not always taught directly in our school curriculum but often learned indirectly through experience and practice from equipped practitioners. Employability skills involve;

  • CV writing
  • Application letter
  • Interview skills and techniques
  • Finding a job online
  • Developing one self
  • Soft skills

Community Computer Lab:

Technology has off recent played a vital role into what the world is today. Seeing it a main mechanism towards change the Community Computer Lab (CCL) provides the space and access to the digital world to the Tech-driven youth and the community as well.

Public Library:

Perhaps the most important life skill is the ability and willingness to learn hence the presence of the Public library. It’s intended to be fully equipped with books and literature materials that will benefit its members in broader knowledge accumulation perspective.

Often times the trainings, are tailor made to suit the needs of our beneficiaries. These trainings take place in our Youth Hub Center and on agreed occasions we reach to where our clients are based hence providing conducive setup that facilitates efficient learning.

Sustainability of the program:

The program will be sustained through the monthly or yearly subscription from its members, further income will be generated through consultation charges/fee from training.