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She Inspire Tanzania
A program run by PEN Tanzania organization, which was established in January 2015, with a sole purpose of inspiring, empowering and improving the lives of adolescent girls and young women.
SHE Inspire focuses in building the capacities of vulnerable girls and young women in different areas of their lives. We work with Primary and Secondary girls’ students together with disadvantaged girls and young women who are in school and those living under extreme poverty. As one of the huge program area in our organization, SHE Inspire Tz has its own defined direction as stated below;
 Vision:  Build a movement of active, vulnerable adolescent girls and young women across Tanzania engaged in social, economic and political justice.
Mission:  Improving quality of life in all aspects and empowering vulnerable adolescent girls and young women with self-development tools, guidance and support to strive for better and brighter futures.

Objective: To enable vulnerable adolescent girls and young women to build confidence in their sexuality and develop new leadership and advocacy skills.

SHE Inspire Themes;

Health and wellbeing; where we empower adolescent girls and young women on their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights issues including the issues in HIV/AIDS, STD’s, family planning methods, food nutrition, Menstrual Health Management and personal hygiene.

Voice and Influence; this is where we help adolescent girls and young women to raise their voices towards campaigning for their human rights socially, economically and politically. We want to impact and raise a generation of young active and influential women who will not be ashamed of speaking and standing up for the things that they  will provide them equal opportunities in the Tanzanian society. I.e. End child marriage and thorough knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.

Economic empowerment; in economic empowerment, we inspire young women to be economically active in terms of building their capacities in entrepreneurship basic skills (both theories and practical). We help young women who are out of school and those affected by forced marriages form groups of few members who will be able to work together depending on their interests and start small income generating activities, which will help them cater for their basic needs and those of their families.

Vulnerable girls and young women we support age between 9 – 20 years include:
– Adolescent  mothers and young girls at risk of getting unexpected pregnancies or those affected by forced marriages
– Adolescent  mothers/young women getting their lives back on track
– Adolescent  girls / women living in poverty
– Young girls / women who have suffered/ witnessed domestic violence
– Young girls / women with low self- esteem/ lacking in confidence

-Adolescent girls/ women living with HIV/AIDS and STDS.

Expected Outcomes/Changes from the program

  • Decrease isolation: When young women get together in a safe space and share their experiences and challenges, they often realize for the first time they are not alone.
  • Increase and introduce linkages to community resources thus fostering community connection and awareness.
  • Increase opportunity: Encourage girls to engage in social, economic, and political spheres of life through such things as programming, community-led workshops, and volunteer participation.
  • Increase engagement in community action strategies for social change.
  • Improve understanding around how young women and girls can effect and mobilize for creating change on multiple levels.
  • Raise awareness and sensitized community towards active engagement and advocacy to end of child marriage.
  • A more open community that is able to discuss freely issues of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and less school drop outs.