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Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment (Entrepreneurship) program was established in 2009 as a result of increased rate of unemployment among youths.

Target Group

Our target groups in this program are youths, women and budding entrepreneurs who run different Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), together with those who wish to begin their journey in entrepreneurship field.

What we train?

In this program, we train youths, women and budding entrepreneurs in different areas of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Our training sessions are most of the times tailor made, depending on the needs of our customers.

We employ the use of three participatory approaches in training this program which are;
-Theoretical approach
-Practical approach
-Income generating group formation

In the theory part, this is where participants get to understand the whole concept of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship and how they differ. The following topics are then covered;

  1. Understanding Entrepreneurship concept as a field
  2. Market survey and Marketing skills

Basic principles and guidelines in writing a Business Plan

  1. How to do proper Record keeping and its importance
  2. Practical Training

In practical training (if needed) we train different groups of youth, women and entrepreneurs including the incoming generating groups VICOBA and SACCOS with some of the following skills (depending with our customer’s needs)

  1. Liquid soap making
  2. Batik making/Tie and dye
  3. Bleach
  4. Tiles cleaner detergent
  5. Petroleum jelly
  6. Washing powder / Bar Soap
  7. Shampoo
  8. Food processing skills and
  9. Screen printing skills

Sustainability of the program

The last part of our training is groups’ formation, where we usually ask the participants if they would like to be in small self-help groups (if they do not have any) and need further guidance in terms of mentoring them as they practice what we have taught them, we call it Entrepreneurs Mentorship and Networking Program (EMNP).

If so, they hence enroll to our mentorship program which usually starts from 3 moths to 1 year program. At this stage, our customers may opt to do it individually or form organized income generating groups (OIGs) for the sole purpose of starting a social help group where they get to enhance their skills together and initiate a small business that generates some income to the group.

For the mentorship and networking program, participants get to pay an affordable fee of 100,000Tsh for three months per individual, and 300,000 Tsh for the year. For people who are in Organized Income generating groups the fee for three months is 400,000Tsh and for one year is 600,000Tsh. Payments can also be paid in three Installments.

Benefits of Enrolling to Entrepreneurs Mentorship and Networking Program (EMNP)

  1. Close guidance to one’s entrepreneurship journey especially in establishing a business/social enterprise
  2. Counseling and advise from our professional trainers and mentors of the program in marketing and use of technology (ICT) to expand their market search

Free entrance to networking events with a one to one interaction with some of the successful business women and men

  1. Proof reading of one’s business plan ready for loan request in financial Institutions
  2. Training and advise on how to legalize one’s business idea or group (registration processes)
  3. Sharing of business and funding opportunities within and outside Tanzania

Once the mentorship program comes to an end, we usually retain our customers and mentees in the sense that we keep sharing of the important updates and opportunities that come across.